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6 Reasons Why Indian Heroes Make For Great Moral & Cultural Teachers

Statistics show that of all the content aired on kids’ channels, 39% is Indian. That is, 2 out of 6 shows contain Indian protagonists, characters, and settings.

Though this number has seen a considerable rise in the past few years, it’s not nearly enough. For Indian shows are so much more than just entertainment for Indian kids. They come packed with lessons perfectly camouflaged as fun and entertainment!

We’ve rooted out a few reasons that you might or might not have missed on how our Desi Heroes make for great moral and cultural teachers. Let’s jump right to it!

1. Bravery - Little Singham

Little Singham, this power-packed action series is not only a feast for young eyes, but it is also powerfully packed in its teachings. The protagonist, Little Singham, is the very embodiment of bravery. He is intelligent, responsible, patriotic, honest, and an agent of change.

Our young audience is quick learners. Along with being absolutely swooned away by all the action, which is a whole lot of fun, they are sure to pick up and imbibe these positive traits of Little Singham, and join the squad!

2. Honesty - Shaktimaan

Every episode of Shaktimaan inspires kids to cultivate healthy habits and have a moral outlook. But more than anything, honesty or truthfulness is Shaktimaan’s motto.

Truth, as he puts it, is the right way out of all the problems. When kids see their childhood superhero promoting honesty, they will always stop and think before lying, and most times than not, make the right choice. After all, it is a scary thought for young minds to disappoint their hero.

3. Architectural Grandeur - Baahubali

Baahubali teaches a very powerful life lesson - To not fear failures. There’s a lot of hope and motivation that radiates out of this hero. But of course, that’s not all there is to the series.

A little glimpse at the architectural marvel this world holds is all it takes to fall in love! The designs in Baahubali are so mesmerising, it’s beyond anything kids see around them or can imagine. And one cannot ignore the fact that it was all inspired by ancient Indian territories. With its design, way of life, rituals, and war strategies are directly drawn from literature, Baahubali offers us all a peek into vibrant ancient India. Where else would the young ones turn to for a timeless piece like this? 4. Cultural Richness - Krishna

A naughty little thief with many many charms! - that doesn’t even begin to describe our Little Krishna for all he is. This light-hearted, fun, and engaging series is not all about the battle between good and evil.

It’s a window to the rich Indian culture! Every episode is loaded with a vital message of love and harmony. Harmony in the family, between men and women, rich and poor, humans and animals, and beyond. India as a country is famously known to be a melting pot and Little Krishna captures it beautifully. 5. Being Humble / Modesty - Akbar Birbal

Akbar Birbal is witty, quirky, high on friendship, and has a wide range of traits to teach. Not to forget it’s hilarious! Birbal oozes self-confidence, stability, and sensitivity for others while being super smart and a right hand that every emperor needs. All these stand out very clearly.

But what is not immediately obvious is Akbar’s modesty and really how humble he is. As an emperor, being of the highest authority, it’s not uncommon in history to claim undue credits. But Akbar accepted, trusted, and openly appreciated Birbal, for the well-being of his subjects was far more important to him than his own pride. To demonstrate leadership traits is easier said than done. And Akbar is the role model every child needs to move in that direction. 6. Responsibility - Chakra

With great power comes great responsibility. We have all heard this famous phrase and now there is a little fellow amongst the superheroes living it!

Kids dream big. And wish for superpowers all the time. But what they don’t immediately understand is that it’s not all fun and games. Chakra has invincible powers but he doesn’t go around picking unnecessary fights. He always ensures to use them responsibly and toward a good cause. So with power comes not just responsibility, but also a certain level of maturity.

We know what you’re thinking - It’s time to add some desi tadka to our child’s screen-time diet. And you are right!

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