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9 Offbeat Successful Career Options Every Modern Parent Should Look Into

Most kids dream of becoming superheroes or wizards and witches when they grow up. While these might not be real jobs that exist (yet!), there are some more achievable offbeat career options your kids can be successful in. More times than not, the jobs kids dream to have include elements of thrill, action, fame, or a chance to help fellow humans. But what they don’t immediately realize is these jobs vary drastically in experience needed, education required, and to be honest - earning potential, from conventional jobs.

While there definitely are risks involved and chances to take, some of the career options can still and have proven to be successful no matter how offbeat they seem. Here is a list of such lucrative career options you could look into for your kids, as modern parents:

1. Photography

Not everyone with a high-end camera can become a professional photographer. Photography is a learned skill and has a lot of technique and science to it. And, let’s face it - it is one of the most common niche in all events and livelihoods that’s here to stay. With varied options like wedding photography, product photography, still photography, wildlife photography, and many more, this field has a lot of potential and comes with a financial security for as long as humanity thrives. 2. Event Management

Event management is one of the glamorous and thrilling career fields in modern times. In addition to events like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, event management companies or event managers are hired to organize private parties, seminars, celebrity shows in a spectacular fashion. With creativity and networking skills, anyone can boom in this profession and make a name. It is also one of the excellent career/business opportunities that needs minimal investment with exceptional potential returns. 3. Game Designing

Game designers visualize, plan and design computer and video games. This industry works mostly on practical knowledge and personal interest and skills and less on diploma or acquired certificates. As game designers, candidates need to have the ability to design the theme of the game, set its rules, levels, art, and animation. This is a great career option to display one’s creativity and imagination. 4. Dancer / Choreographer

With a rise in visual mediums and OTT platforms, demand for performers of all kinds are only rising with time. Choregraphers are needed everywhere! - fashion industry, cinema, schools, weddings, proposals - name it, and boom, there’s a requirement! Performances by celebrities and dancers need choreography as well and comes with high marketing value. Of course, as it is a highly competitive field, choreographers worldwide need to constantly innovate and update themselves with the latest dance forms, moves and styles to stand out in the crowd, and not stick to one form alone. 5. Fitness Experts

Who doesn’t go to gym these days? Or practice Yoga or Pilates or one or many of the hundred other workout regimes that are out there? If your child is a fitness enthusiast and health conscious, let them help others stay fit and healthy! It is a highly profitable industry to say the least, and has a wide range of options to work for - universities, health clubs, professional gymnasiums, resorts, country clubs, hospitals or even in their own apartment buildings and parks! 6. Pet Groomers

Yes, it’s a thing, and apparently very fashionable and in-demand. This is for those kids who fall in love with animals every day but doesn’t want to pursue medical veterinary. This profession will require you to enhance hygiene and appearance of pets.

A dream job that involves pampering all lovely pets of neighbourhood and beyond, and getting paid for it! Though it’s a slightly new profession in India, it’s slowly picking up. 7. Landscape Architects

A very unique and interesting job that lets your kids add life in between concrete buildings! Landscape architecture is the study and practice of designing environments of varying scale - both indoors and outdoors. It encompasses elements of art, environment, architecture, engineering, and sociology. Often misunderstood for gardening by many, this underdog of a profession is seeing a steep rise in all developed and developing countries. 8. Bloggers

With a boom in the Internet market blogging is fast becoming a well-known profession. The only skills required for blogging are a thorough knowledge of a particular subject and good writing skills. Blogging, as a full-time profession though, needs dedication, organizing, and passion. It involves a lot of travelling and socializing which can be taxing in the long run, but if your kid is passionate for it, there’s nothing stopping them from name and fame! 9. Voice Artists

Also known as voice actors, voiceover artists are auditory performers who work on everything from video games and commercials to audiobooks, apps, and e-learning courses. There is a great demand for voice over artists, especially the versatile ones in cinema, daily soaps, even big-shots like GOOGLE and MICROSOFT hire voiceover artists for various projects.

There are various other off-beat career opportunities that can flourish with time in India like publishing, para-psychology, personal shopping, YouTubing, Entrepreneurship, wildlife conservation, etc. All that you need to do is be open to your kids’ preferences and help them figure out what they are truly passionate about.

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