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Building resilience is key. But how?

Two years of stringent lockdowns and social restrictions have affected all of us - and our kids even more! The emotional impact can have lasting adverse effects at such a tender age, seeping even into adulthood.

So, how can you help cope? Here are some tips

1. Teach them self-forgiveness

We are all capable of making mistakes and doing less than our very best. And it is okay! Tell your kids that it is okay to not be perfect sometimes. Teach them to let it go, sometimes!

2. Create a safe space

They say home is where the heart is. We say home is where one can truly be themselves. Whether it is the clothes they wear or letting their guard down and crying out after a difficult day - they can and should always feel comfortable at home.

3. Demonstrate empathy

Anyone can teach skills, but it takes a kind person to set the right example for empathy. Be kind and understanding; they’re going through a lot too.

4. Be honest

Every person on the planet has been impacted by these uncertain times, one way or the other. With your kids, therefore, it’s okay to let your guard down and tell them if you’re having a difficult time. Trust them to understand

5. Show them hope

Assure them that it’s just a phase and things will get better!

Let’s prepare ourselves and our children for any kind of situation, so they face their share of challenges with confidence and resilience.


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