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Can you comfort a child without words?

Sometimes when your child is unhappy, words don’t work enough. On the one hand, you don’t want to sound dismissive of their fragile emotions, and on the other, you want to support them and give them strength.

If not words, then what?

1. Make them a hot beverage

Hot chocolate or soup can have a soothing effect on your child’s mind. It is also likely that they’re hungry when they’re sad, and a tasty hot beverage can recharge them and possibly set their mood right.

2. Give them a tight hug

A Jaadu ki Jhappi ( A magical hug) can be therapeutic even for us adults - and with kids, it can have an almost magical effect (Hence, the name?)! If you see that your child is uncomfortable or unhappy - start with comforting them with a tight hug. They’ll most likely tell you what’s bothering them so that you can address the root cause.

3. Play soothing music

You’ll agree - calm, soothing music has helped every one of us deal with a bad day at work. And it can help your little one too! Have a handy list of soothing tracks saved in a folder, and should a situation arise - use it immediately. Your kid will no doubt feel better very soon.

We hope that your child is always cheerful and happy. But, for situations where that’s not the case, we hope you’ll find our tips helpful.

More tricks up your sleeve, share now!


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