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Importance of Sleep for Kids

Sleep is an essential function of your body that helps you rest, regenerate, and rejuvenate during your awake time. Getting good sleep - both quality and time- is necessary if you want to have an active, happy, and productive day. Children who have adequate sleep have better attention, learning, and overall mental and physical health. This is all true in the case of a child who is always jumping around, exploring the world, learning about their environment, and experiencing a highly active and stimulating life. Getting adequate sleep is the difference between a good day and a bad one. So, how can you help your little one get good sleep? Here are three simple ways.

  • Encourage enough physical activity: Ensure that the child engages in good physical exercises like cycling, sports, or dance every day to ensure an active body and mind. These regular activities also help children wind down quicker at night.

  • Enforce a sleep time routine: The best way to get your child enough sleep regularly is by making it a habit to sleep on time. Start young - and ensure they’re used to a routine for their nights and the afternoon nap times.

  • Limit screen-time: Blue lights from digital screens turn off our sleep reflexes - and make it difficult to fall asleep. So, ensure you limit gadgets - especially right before sleep time, so your child gets good quality shut-eye.

Hope these tips help you. If you can think of any other, share in the comments below for all the other parents to benefit from them!


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