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Parenting Trends Of 2023 To Look Out For

In terms of parenting, most of us would agree that this year was a vast improvement over the dumpster fire that was the pandemic years 2020-2021. Parents can now breathe a small sigh of relief, thanks to vaccination rollouts and a return to in-person schooling.

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  1. Embracing Technology Technology has brought numerous benefits to our lives, particularly for working parents. As much as some of us dislike to admit it, turning on their children's favourite television show or YouTube playlist can keep them occupied for an extended period of time. Parents can get things done around the house, like completing chores, while their children are obediently focused on tinkering with their devices. Furthermore, the usage of technology has aided many parents in the education of their children. There are numerous useful, kid-friendly applications like Toondemy available to help children learn to write, read, and pronounce. Schools are also incorporating more technology into their curricula and supporting online learning more than ever before. Regulating children's screen time in the present day will be unfeasible.

  2. Gender-Neutral Parenting Gender-neutral parenting is the practise of raising children without imposing gender roles on them. Instead, people are free to be anyone they want. Gender-neutral clothing can aid in the development of a child's self-awareness and self-esteem. Early childhood categories such as "blue or pink" and "wheels or heels" ensure that children are funnelled into rigid gender binaries, which can be damaging to both the child and the concept of an inclusive society.

  3. Experience Over Material Gifts According to a poll conducted by the computer company Adobe, experiential gifts increased this holiday season. According to the poll, although 51% of respondents intend to buy tangible gifts this season, 17% intend to provide "an experience." It is critical that children learn from an early age to value experiences over physical and material items. Giving them an experience will remind them of you and the time you spent together putting together a core memory for them.

  4. Parent-Life Balance Of course children are the centre of parent’s universes. But the new trend shows parents actively and guilt-freely taking out time for themselves, to relax and rejoice. In addition, both parents take turns caring for their children. Dads' involvement in their children's lives is equally cherished as a mothers'.

  5. Success Has a New Meaning Parents now have a different perspective on schooling their children. They are taking the time to understand their children rather than reprimanding and punishing them. With parents are becoming more receptive to their children's views, feelings, and opinion, “success” in life has now become a broader term and does not confine to academic alone. Parents are becoming active listeners ensuring they have a stronger bond with children, and are placing their priority with mental health, holistic development, and happiness over success and failures.


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