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Positive Discipline

Every parent struggles with finding the best way to discipline their child. You want them to live a life they choose independently - but that doesn't mean they become unruly and arrogant. Positive discipline goes a long way in fostering such a balance and helping you bring up a confident, happy and disciplined child. So, here are four techniques you could use -

  1. Give focused attention: Your child needs to know and understand that you are observing them as they make their choices. This might mean you switch off from devices and give dedicated time to them.

  2. Praise generously: Positive reinforcement helps your child pick up welcome habits, and praise is one of the best forms of positive reinforcement. Think they've done something, right? Appreciate them immediately and adequately.

  3. Communicate positively: It's easier to make a child do the things you want than to make them stop something you disapprove of. So, instead of asking them not to dirty the table while they eat, it'll be better to ask them to clean up after their meal. That way, they are part of the solution and not just the problem.

  4. Show positive consequences: The success of positive discipline comes from the fact that you teach your children the right way to go about life instead of finding faults. You could do this by showing that positive actions have positive consequences or a reward.

Got any other tricks up your parenting sleeves? Share them in the comments.


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