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The Power of Play!

Games are fun, and a little fun hurts no one.

But it’s an added bonus when they help kids learn!

We believe learning through play benefits a child in ways more than a few. And research is piling up proofs to show that our belief is true!

Games aid in the holistic development of your little ones. Motivation, Attentiveness, Problem Solving, Language Development, Memory Workout, Social and Emotional Development, Cognitive Skills, and not to forget, learning through mistakes – these are but a few skills kids pick up through playing!

Don’t believe us? Or the research?

Good, you shouldn’t. We might have expertise in the field of education, but when it comes to your kid, you know what’s best! But sometimes even superheroes need help; we are the sidekick you can rely on.

Test the waters, try out these games we have specially curated for you and your kids, and discover the power of play!

Fruit Punch (3-4YO ,5-6YO)

A classic arcade game with a twist! Slash away, but make sure the fruit and the shape is not missed.

Fruit Grow (3-4YO , 5-6YO , 7+YO)

What can a child learn from moving pins? Cognitive skills, motor skills, and ten more things!

Number Ride (3-4YO , 5-6YO)

Another classic arcade game with an aww-worthy storyline! There are dragons, there’s racing, well… Do we need to say more?

Brain Gym (3YO , 4YO , 5YO)

Nothing can go wrong around a card game! A simple but effective memory workout you didn’t know your child needed today.

Action Verb (3YO , 4YO)

Puzzles! For Language skills, visual-spatial reasoning, and problem-solving.

The games listed are in no particular order of rating! We couldn’t play favorites, we love our games all alike.

But did games stand out to you better than the rest? What’s holding you? Get your kids to play them, NOW!


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