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Top Party Favour Ideas For Your Kid’s Birthday

Kids are usually hung up on their favorite colors, themes, or characters, which makes birthday party planning super stressful! There is no space for the additional stress of finding ideal party favors. Well, there shouldn’t be!

And that’s why we have curated this list of top party favors ideas for your kids’ birthday party.

Pssst, some of them are DIYs! Read through, and thank us later.

1. Hand Puppets

If you think stuffed animals are great, take a look at these hand puppets that take it to the next level! They are sure to charm all kids, especially toddlers, irrespective of their gender. You can even DIY them at home with pairs of old socks and some accessories, or even better, turn them into a DIY party activity for kids! All you have to do is provide materials and some guidance, and your party favor solves your quest for entertainment for the party as well!

2. Art Supplies

Artsy party favors are a huge hit among young humans. They are both cute and useful. Put together a watercolor palette, some brush, and some papers in a carry bag, and you’re done! You can of course replace watercolours with crayons, sketch pens, or colour pencils (just make sure to not give them permanent markers :P). And if you want to take it up a notch, you can have to carry bags made of drawing outlines for kids to color in.

3. Photobooth Props

Kids might not appreciate pictures immediately but pictures are a window to memories, and will always be cherished. Set up a photo booth, decorate it with fun props (you can of course DIY them all at home!), have kids pose funny, and take some Polaroids or instant pictures to send them home with. You can even hand over personalized props to go with the precious cute photographs.

4. Slime Kits

Slimes are annoyingly famous with the young audience! But what makes it best for parents is that they are super easy to make! Put together a ‘Make your own slime kit’ bag - a party favor that will impress all of your kids’ friends and their parents!

5. Marvel-lous Props

As said before, kids are always hung up on their favorite superheroes, supervillains, cartoons, and characters from their favorite shows. Chances are your kid is a hardcore fan of one of these as well. Make or get some themed props - masks, mugs, bracelets, pins, pencils, and put them all together for that perfect themed party favor box!

6. Bring the noise!

You might receive a little hate from adults for this one, but nothing beats the fun noise and chaos bring to children’s parties! Get those colorful, wonderful, noise-making machines - whistles of all shapes and kinds, and let them bring the roof down with it! :P

If none of these is to your taste or if all these great choices put you in a dilemma, do not think twice and go with candy bags.

They are classic, simple, never fail to spark joy, and are so easy to find, they are EVERYWHERE! You can never go wrong with sweet treats.


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