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What’s the science behind early learning?

Early learning truly sets the context for the child’s education and development lifelong.

Several studies have found that healthy development in the early stages of life influences their educational, social and economic achievement throughout their adulthood.

Here are three crucial insights from scientific research about early learning and its impact on a child’s life.

1. Early learning = building blocks of complex learning mechanisms: It is found that the simpler circuits of your child’s brain are built first through their early learning experiences. Yes, genetics play an essential role, but these early learning experiences influence how the genes are expressed. The early wiring essentially forms the building blocks for more complex learning as the child ages.

2. Engagement and communication are essential: As a parent, you might have engaged with your child, communicating with them in the only language they know - babbling, signs and sounds. This translates into a positive exchange, helping them relate to their surroundings better and respond to them - thus, kickstarting their learning process.

3. Severe stress factors impact learning development: While challenges or stresses push your child to learn ways to overcome them and solve their problems, toxic, long-term pressures can affect their learning abilities and development throughout their life.

We hope these insights help you get a clear picture of the importance of giving your child a positive experience during their early learning.

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