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1..2..3…4…5… Steps to build a healthy routine for your kids

You want to raise a happy and healthy kid. But with the hustle of managing work, family, and your plans can make building a healthy routine easier said than done.

Quick simple tips just for you- 1. Set a good example Kids follow your example, whether you like it or not. If you're a procrastinator, late to every family event, your kids will likely follow suit. 2. Fix Breakfast time Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, not just for nutrition. It also kick starts the rest of your activities - and, if done at a regular time, can help you initiate a healthy routine. 3. Make chores fun Chores don't have to be boring jobs. They can be an excellent way for the family to engage with each other. Pick the simplest roles - like washing vegetables, setting the dinner table etc., for your young ones. And make sure they take these up at the same time every day. 4. Hobby Time Enrolling your children into activities such as sports, dance, music etc., can be a sure shot way to get them to stick to a schedule while having fun. If you ask us, they won't even notice it's happening! 5. Switch off devices before sleep time Blue light can meddle with your sleep patterns and wrack up your schedule! You can address this by shutting down all your devices - mobiles, laptops, TVs at least two hours before your target sleep time, so you fall asleep without issues. Did we miss an idea? Share with us.


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