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A healthy approach to screen time

Whether you like it or not, digital devices and gadgets will be part of your child's life. From getting online classes to enjoying video games, digital devices keep your child engaged throughout the day.

You've undoubtedly wondered how much screen time is just enough? And how much is too much? And that's the best way to find a balance?

Here's how!

  • Decide strict timelines: It is essential to enforce some level of discipline regarding how much screen time your child is allowed to get in a day. Make sure he watches content you approve of and downloads apps that offer meaningful learning content during that time. Of course, take into consideration their learning time and playtime to decide. But, once you choose, ensure your child sticks to it.

  • Encourage offline hobbies: While there's no way to do away with digital devices completely, it is crucial for your child to also pick up hobbies and activities offline. Include sports, arts, and meet-ups with friends in real-time as part of their day to keep them physically active.

  • Spend quality family time without gadgets: You lead your children by example. Show them that you don't need to be addicted to a device to have a life. Have a family routine of sharing about your day, playing board games, or reading a book together, so you're all engaged and away from your gadgets.

Do share more tips with us so that parents can also benefit from them!


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