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Are you praising and encouraging your child enough?

Positive reinforcement goes a long way, and it helps make your child understand good behaviours and repeat them. Replacing the traditional approach of punishing bad behaviours, positive reinforcement instils confidence and emotional strength in children.

One of the best ways of positive reinforcement is by praising your child.

Here are three reasons why your praise and encouragement are essential for your little one.

  • You are their world: While you might have a thousand things to do throughout the day, don't lose sight of the fact that for your child, you are an enormous part of their small world. Even if you criticise them in jest, it can permanently impact them. And when you praise them, they'll feel like they've achieved something great!

  • They learn appropriate behaviours: Praising kids goes a long way in helping them understand behaviours to repeat. Praise makes them happy, which becomes a reward they'll aim for. Even with something as simple as finishing their homework on time or clearing their toys after playing - shower some praise and see them repeat the same actions.

  • They think positively about themselves: When you praise your child, they take your word for it. This instils an amount of self-worth in them, giving them the confidence to chase their dreams, no matter how difficult. They will look at themselves positively and achieve all their goals.

So, are you praising your child enough? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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