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Family Dinner Time, Fun Time!

“Dinner time is family time!” Most of us have grown up having family dinners over the table, exchanging our experiences from the day, and sharing stories with our loved ones. However, this seems to have suddenly changed, as technology made its way into our lives - and our dinner tables! Wondering if there’s some way to make dinner time an experience with the family again? Here are some ways to make family meals more fun and a memory to cherish as time goes by!

  • Get everyone to make time for family dinners: With our erratic schedules, it’s difficult for everyone to gather at the table for breakfast and lunch. That makes dinner an excellent opportunity to connect. Get everyone to commit to the idea - and keep the dinner time free from any other engagements.

  • Make dinner together: Working on preparing a meal together gives your family more opportunity to bond. Assign simple responsibilities like grocery shopping, cutting vegetables, or setting the table. If everyone has a role to play, they’ll have a reason to be at the table.

  • Get rid of devices: We all know at least one child won’t have a meal without their favorite cartoon/ music video, right? Don’t let that happen to your child. Make a rule of ‘no gadgets at the dinner table’. Start by setting an example.

How do your family dinners typically look? Please share with us.


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