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Got a picky eater? Let us help you out!

Raising a happy and healthy kid begins with the proper nutrition, but this might be an uphill task if you’ve got a fussy eater.

Sounds like your story? Don’t worry; we got your back.

Here are four simple things to do to get your picky eater the nutrition they need.

1. Start by setting a good example:

They walk like you and talk like you. And if you’ve got a fussy adult eater in the house - the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree. Nip this in the bud; start by getting the adults in the house to eat right.

2. Involve them:

Make them your partners while grocery shopping, cooking and setting the plate. That way, they’re looking at a meal that they played a part in preparing, and they’re less likely to turn their effort down.

3. Wait for them to get hungry:

While it’s essential to stick to a meal schedule, ensure you’re not constantly chasing them with food. Let kids play, tire out and get hungry. That’s when they’ll gobble up without a fuss.

4. Reward clean plates:

Everything’s a game. Give them some extra playtime or a visit to the park if they don’t waste food for a week. Avoid offering desserts or unhealthy snacks as rewards as kids might assume those are the ‘better foods’ and expect them all the while.

Got a trick up your sleeve that we haven’t listed? Share it with all the other parents and us here!


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