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How do you help your child solve social problems?

While they are cute little human beings just playing, throwing tantrums or exploring the world, toddlers - right from their playschool days - are gobbling up social cues and developing response systems that make them the people they become.

Here's how you can help them resolve their early conflicts confidently.

1. Teach them to use their words: Communication is critical - even for a 3-year-old. Encourage them to put it in words when they want to express something. This way, they understand their needs better and let their peers know them well.

2. Encourage them to say "No" politely: A child may face minor conflicts even at their fledgling age. For example, a friend might offer them a sweet that they do not like. They shouldn't come under the pressure to satisfy their friend and consume it despite not wanting them. Tell them it is okay to say "No, thank you".

3. Tell them they can always rely on you: Your child may find themselves in situations that they cannot resolve independently. Instead of feeling cornered or pressured into a decision - tell them that they should ask you for help, to intervene. It'll help them to know that you've got their back.

Does your child resolve social conflicts effectively? What other tactics did you teach them?

Tell us in the comments below.


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