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How to support your child's growing independence?

They grow up so fast! That's the one thing every parent you'll ever meet will agree on.

And as your toddler grows up and gets ready to meet the world, it becomes crucial that they learn to be independent - physically and emotionally. But, how do you begin? How do you teach a child so dependent on you for everything to break free and discover their strengths?

Quick tips for you:-

1. Involve them in small decisions: Give them opportunities to make decisions and choices independently. Start simple - fruits of their choice or even a dine-out place. And, when they make a choice - respect it.

2. Encourage hobbies that need them to work by themselves: Instead of reading a story, ask them to read it themselves and tell you the story for a change. Get them craft kits or building blocks and appreciate the work they turn around. Remember - it's not about doing great work; it is about making them independent.

3. Let them pick their friends: As children grow up, their friends will be a big part of their lives. Encourage them to choose their friends and start conversations early on to become more social and positive. It's always a good idea to keep an eye on.

A child has a million ways to be unique and wonderful. Help them explore their strengths by helping them become more independent and self-reliant.


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