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Is your child very sensitive? Read this!

Sensitive kids can be extremely ‘touchy’ - even from their very birth. They might react drastically to even minor sounds or changes in their surroundings - and as they grow, you might notice that they could take even the slightest criticism way too seriously.

Think you have a sensitive child? Here are some ways you can help them cope.

1. Acknowledge their feelings: Assure your child that experiencing strong emotions might be different from their peers, but is normal, and that it is okay!

2. Show them what’s in their hands, and what’s not: You cannot always control what happens to your child in their school or playground environment. But, teach them that they can control how they react to the situations. They should know that they can rely on you for guidance and support - and practice reacting differently in confusing or uncomfortable situations.

3. Help them with tools to relax even in the face of a difficult situation. You want your child to learn a slightly more carefree attitude. You can help them see the bigger picture by asking ‘So what?’ or ‘How does that really matter?’. Such questions can help them see if they might be reacting abnormally even in situations that aren’t too serious.

You cannot really change your kid’s natural temperament, and honestly - you shouldn’t even try.

However, if being over-sensitive is coming in the way of them building meaningful friendships, and a strong personality - these approaches can come in helpful.


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