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Tips to Keep Your Child Fit and Active

We love it when our children are playing, active and happy, right? And we’re always looking for ways to engage them and ensure they have fun.

But is your child active enough? Could they be doing more?

If you wonder what you could do to help your child stay physically fit and well, here are some tips.

  1. Choose activities that interest your child: If they don’t enjoy them, they’ll not go through with them. So, it’s crucial that you choose activities of their interest; you don’t have to push them to pursue them constantly.

  2. Find activities appropriate for their age: Not every activity is suitable for every age. Find games and engagement activities that just about pique their curiosity and challenge them physically - but do not overwhelm or burden them. It’s really about finding that optimum fit.

  3. Expose them to a variety: Physical activity can be of different types. Before your child figures out the right one for them, you should expose them to various activities such as dance, individual sports, team sports, etc., so they understand all the basics.

What is your approach to ensuring an active and fit child? Do share with us in the comments below.


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